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Welcome to my Translation Journal!!

Underneath the cut you will find my archive of translations I have done.
Feel free to add this journal to keep track of my most recent works, I'll add you back without question.

However, I do have a few rules/guidelines.

- Sorry, I don't take requests, although I might ask for suggestions.

For all my works the same rules apply:

- be careful with them. Neither Japanese nor English are my native language!
- Feel free to use these translations. However, I would really appreciate it if you credited me. After all this IS hard work.
- Please enjoy and ask any questions. Feedback is always welcome!

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Club Zy - LOST ASH One-Question One Answer - Daiki Version

Videos: Club Zy - LOST ASH - One Question - One Answer - Show Version
Haven't posted in ages, but I wanted to leave this here.
I really like this photo shoot! ^^)

Fell free to use.
No credits needed.
Hey everyone!
I am alive...I guess. Work is busy and getting more. 12hrs per day is a regular, but I have a day off today, so I am bringing you something I have come to enjoy a lot reacently. After watching their performance on USTREAM, I have really found interest in LOST ASH and I fell in love with their videos. Hence...I am bringing you this little piece of translation for the video you find below.

Please check them out, if you haven't yet!
Interviewer Sai: This time, it is vocalist Daiki, who is part of LOST ASH, who will participating and answering questions in this program called "Continent of Passion" (Note: They are referring to an actual TV program, popular at that time). One question, One answer - the Daiki version! Daiki: Thank you for inviting me to "Continent of Passion" this time.
Dye: (His voice is) so low. (laughs)

Sai: This time please teall us about the part you have chosen, introducing yourself. (Note: That's supposed to be two questions, hence he starts over.) That's hard to do...

Daiki: Excuse me, could we do this a bit more seriously?

Sai: Yes. Please introfuce yourself and your part in the band.

Daiki: I am LOST ASH vocalist Daiki.

Sai: What was the reason why you chose this part?

Daiki: Originally I was a boy who loved singing and I was being invited by drummer Dye. Therefore, I have...come to be...the vocalist among those idiots called LOST ASH.

Show: Embrasse it all.

Dye: Because he can't play any instruments.

Sai: Next question. What is one thing you are recently into?

Daiki: I am recently into: Vegetable juice.

Dye: Health fetish:

Daiki: Health is the most important.

Sai: In all honesty, what kind of person are you?

Daiki: The prograss is pretty fast isn't it?

Sai: I think I have never seen anything so serious at "Continent of Passion" before, therefore, that's kind of a problem. (laughs)

Daiki: The only thing they seriously follow is the music, isn't it?

Sai: Well then, honestly, what kind of person are you?

Daiki: So we keep going with the same style then?

Sai: We do.

Daiki: What kind of person am I? What kind of person am I...what kind...what kind...what kind...
(Turns to Dye and Show) Well, what kind of person do you think I am, on the other hand?

Dye & Show: (laugh) You're asking us?

Show: What kind of person?

Dye: Aren't you someone with its own pace. (Note: Meaning to be a little slow at things.)

Show: Ah, I can see that.

Daiki: No, that's not the case.

Dye: (laughs) No?

Daiki: No, that's not the case.

Dye: Well then...a brat.

All: (laugh)

Dye: But that's not a type of person.

Show & Sai: A kid.

Dye: A person that does not forget it's childish heart.

Sai: Like Peter Pan-Person.

Daiki: Peter Pan syndrome?

Sai: He's a Peter Pan person. So, in the past what was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened in the life of Peter Pan?

Daiki: Embarrassing in the life of Peter Pan? Wouldn't that be his fight with Tinkerbell?

Sai: That's not what I meant. It can be something small.

Daiki: Hmm...oh...I forgot to make my voice sound deep. Uhm...sooo...it would be something like now, forgetting to make my voice sound deep.

Dye: What kind of character is he even?

Daiki: That was a real failure for me...

Sai: Just like that. OK, lets go on with the next question. (in a deep voice)

Daiki: Do you need to deepen your voice, too?

Sai: Im just beeing tagged along.

Daiki: Tagged along?

Sai: What kind of self-made dish would you like a girl to prepare for you?

Daiki: Raw Harumaki...but actually...Curry rice.

All: (laugh)

Dye: That's more like it.

Sai: Ok, on to the last question.

Daiki: Yes.

Sai: Please separate ... assign the roles of mother, father, older and younger brother, older and younger sister, friend and lover among the band members of LOST ASH.

Daiki: Separate?

Sai: Sorry, I couldn't read that Kanji.
(Note: Sai actually read the Kanji for "assigning a role to someone (割り振る / warifuru backwards)")

Daiki: Assigning the roles. Well, first of all, Dye would be the Dad. As the father of LOST ASH and the one producing the songs, he is the father of sound.

Dye: It's gotten serious all of a sudden.

Daiki: Sai-san would be, the female friend.

Sai: The female friend? Isn't that a little off?

Dye: Just as the role.

Daiki: Yes.

Sai: Some one you would make plans with before going out? That type of female friend?

Daiki: Hmm...the kind of person you would ask for advice on the phone. Not meeting up actually.

Sai: Because she would be living in Hokkaido and you in Kanagawa?

Daiki: Yes, like that. And lastly Show-san, someone to hardly ever meet, he would be the nephew.

Show: You don't WANT to meet me!

Daiki: The nephew.

Show: Why?

Daiki: First of all, nephews are younger than you, right? And I have never felt that show and I are actually close by our age.

Show: Because I am the grown up and you are the kid?

Daiki: The other way round.

Show: The other way round? (To Dye) The other way round?

Dye: If he says so. I think it's the other way round for all of us. (laughs)

Daiki: Since Show is such a kid, I can only see him as the nephew.

Show: I see.

Sai: Perfect. Well then, lastly, please finish off with an amazing catch phrase.

Daiki: An amazing catch phrase?
Daiki: This program is brought to you by the sponsors you see on the screen. This was LOST ASH's Daiki.

Dye: That was aweful!

Sai: One more time.

Dye: We won't let you finish like that.

Daiki: No, no, no...It's annoying to keep that character up. OK...


(Sings 'Seiun' commarcial song)

Dye: You can't finish like that.

Daiki: I'm done with this... (leaves)

Sai: This has been the "Continent of Passion" - One Question, One Answer - Daiki Version.


PS: A few part were a little hard to understand, but over all, that's it ^^;) If you find mistakes, please let me know!
Make sure to check them out. They will soon be releasing their first album it seems, so... :DDD

Any requests to do the other ones, too?
They are very funny as well XD

Hello everyone!

I know I haven't been updating lately.
Many things happened...too many...

I have just done a tiny translation on some recent events. I miss translating and I will try to get at it again.
For now...just please take this. It is sad, but I wanted to share it.

About Isshi.


We are left in earnest perplexion on the sudden news of former Kagrra, member Isshi’s passing.

つい先月も新しいプロジェクトとして「鬼謌 ~癒ノ宵~」でアコースティックのワンマンライブを開催し、今月も16日の「妖怪談義」のゲストで出演してもらって、次回の「一志耳袋」の話をメールしたのが昨日。

Just during the last month he had been holding the accounstic live for his new project “Kika / Oni Uta~Yu no Yoi~” and this month on the 16th, he had participate as a guest in the “Ghost Readings”. The last e-mail about the next “Isshi Mimibukuro” came the day prior.


We have not yet realized this.

「一志 白水の怪談奇談」からの付き合いなので、かれこれ7年くらいになります。
It has been about seven years, because we have been doing these (projects) since “Isshi + Izumi’s Kaidan Kidan”.


For the 15-year anniversary CD, he also cotributed his song “Shirakuen”, and we had been going to Kagrra’s live and just talked about setting up a new event.

With all our heart we pray for his soul.

ロフトプラスワン 天野宇空

Loft Plus One Staff Tenno Uku



Lost Plus One was the last place I saw him. It was in April this year and for 4 hours or more, I just listened to him and others talk. They reflected upon Kagrra, history, showing the pictures of their first SHOXX appearance - the first cover shooting for Isshi (which included Sakito from Duel and Daishi from Psycho le Cemu...). It had been a great event. Isshi named Queen as one of his biggest musical influences, Mercury as someone he admired. He joked with MUCC's Tatsuro and MSI's seek. It had been a fabulous night. I had been looking forward to the next...

It was never meant to happen.

I still can't quite grasp it, but I just hope, with all my heart, that he did not die for nothing.
Everything Isshi has done had meaning.
I want to believe his death had meaning, too.
If not for us, at least for him.

There are no words, but "Thank your"...until here, and still, from here on.
Hey everyone!

It's been ages but I had my first free weekend in a month or so...I can't really remember.
Anyway, after hearing the opinions of Auga members and non-members, I decided to translate this interview and...it has gotten sooooooo much longer than expected.

hope you enjoy it anyway! Tell me if I missed something!
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